Canvasser’s Guide

This page is still under development, but gives a good idea, and is 90% complete


Read BC elections canvasser guide and FAQ
You have to be a BC resident for the last 6 months and a registered voter on Elections BC to collect signatures.
You can bring one or more non-registered persons to accompany you. But only the registered canvasser can witness and sign the bottom of the signature sheets.
Make sure your phone is fully charged and bring a charged power bank just in case.
Dress nice. Dont wear vaccine or Trudeau-related messages.
If they are really supportive, ask for a donation and if they would like to become a canvasser.
Avoid starting with a question that makes it too easy for people to say no to your question.
Ask open-ended questions without appearing to be biased.
If mainstream media shows up, NO COMMENT. Refer them to Amrit Birring.
Always keep possession of your signature sheets until the end of the day, then sign and turn in to your leader or collection bin at the muster station.
Canvassers must write their FULL canvasser badge number at bottom of signature sheets.
Ask 2 things before they can sign: Are you a registered voter? Were you living in the riding during the last election in Oct 2020?
If in doubt, get the signatures. Elections BC will take care of it during verification process.
Name-Address-Signature must be legible, If not, strike out that line and re-write on a new line (write their name and address for them if necessary). If they are not legible, the signature will not count.
Must be signed in black or blue pen. (indelible ink not waterbased ink that will run in the rain).
If they are undecided on signing, give them information and direct them to return to the muster station to sign when they are ready.
Evening canvassing finds WAY more people at home (5 pm to 9 pm).
Weekends day time starting 10:00 am will be good choice and more practical as it gets dark in the evening around 5 pm.
Assume you are being recorded by home security cameras and act accordingly.
Stand a few steps back from the door after knocking.
Don’t blast them with a fire hose of facts.
Avoid discussing vaccines or mandates or Trudeau etc.
Each canvasser must carry a copy of the Recall Petition Cover Sheet.
Only go to the addresses/streets assigned to you.
At the end of the day, all signature sheets must be signed by the registered canvasser and given to your leader, even if they are not complete. Start every day with new empty sheets.
Canvassers must write their FULL canvasser badge number at bottom of signature sheets.
Mark each addresses with an X for wont sign, O for not home or undecided, or a Check Mark for signed.
Leaders can communicate with their team using the Telegram channels or telephone.


“Hello, I’m John.”
“Is [name of the voter] at home?”
[If the voter is not home, ask when they will be home, and make a note on the map address list].
“May I have a moment of your time?”
“Are you aware that BC Schools have SOGI 123 education that sexualizes our children?” [wait for answer]
… more talking points about SOGI 123.
We want to recall MLA and Education Minister Rachna Singh that supports this education. Can we count on your support?”
“You’re absolutely right! Politics has no place in our schooling system. Will you add your signature to our petition to recall Rachna Singh so we send a message to the Government who is not listening to parents?”
“I understand where you’re coming from. However, this education is not what it is marketed as?”. Schools are no place to teach children about gay sex and to encourage them to change their sex.
If they continue to oppose, give them a flyer and say;
“I understand, please read more on our website, thank you for your time today”.
“No worries, I’ll help you understand the issue. Rachna Singh supports SOGI 123, which can destroy our children. Talking points here about how.
“Will you sign our petition?”
[If they don’t want to sign, leave them a flyer and say]; “Please read more on our website, thank you for your time today”.
TALKING POINTS (Ask what these points mean for them):