Rachna Singh is the BC’s Minister of Education and Child Care. Many parents have attempted to approach her to create a constructive dialogue to resolve our differences. But she has failed to respond, so far. She needs to go. We can’t send a bigger message to the government than removing a piece of it. Nothing says we can’t remove other MLAs as well, as long as the first recall is successful. A new election gets called once an MLA is successfully recalled. Click here to read the reasoning given in our recall application.

Out of entire Canada, and out of all levels of Governments – Federal, Provincial, and City – only in BC and only an MLA can be recalled. It turns out that we have a BC MLA, who is Minister of Education and Child Care, but doesn’t respond to Parents of children she is in-charge of. The said Minister and MLA is Rachna Singh from the riding of Surrey-Green Timbers. As such, we are recalling her as per BC MLA Recall Process.

Elections BC has already approved our application to start the recall process. All we need is 40% valid signatures from the voters of this riding and Rachna Singh will be removed from her MLA position and consequently from Minister of Education and Child Care.

Help us by Signing the Petition / Volunteering / Donating / Praying.

You can also help by sharing this information with your friends and family. Please share this website with as many people as you can.

We need total ~12,000 signs. Every sign counts!